Information Overload

When was the last time you took a vacation and completely unplugged? With COVID there aren’t as many vacations happening so think about the last time you unplugged from media and screens, even for a day. Around election time it is nearly impossible to look away, and now Facebook can shoot you notifications when you are offline, then text messages if those don’t work, letting you know all of your closest friends are up to something that you are definitely going to want to check out. With so much information being thrown at us these days, we never know what issues are actually important until much later when we realize we focused on something that was not essential to our cause. Case and point, do you even remember what Trump did last week that pissed the media and Dems off? No you don’t, but on that given day it was an “election ending issue” that was going to “doom” the Trump campaign. We hear it every day and Trump keeps humming merrily along. This suggests that we are the real victims of the news cycle. We are like a driver following a GPS system where we didn’t choose the destination. Doing constant break checks and illegal U-turns when prompted. Why do we follow another’s directions? Because we don’t know where we want to go, and without disconnecting from all the input, we never will. 

Why does this happen to us? Don’t most liberals believe in their heart of hearts that they are just trying to do the right thing, which is ousting Donald Trump? TAR refuses to believe that all these people just have hate in their hearts. However if we are so driven and on fire against Trump, how do we have record low voter enthusiasm for Joe Biden? How is it even possible in a massive field of candidates that we ended up with someone we don’t even like, didn’t we get a vote? This all boils down to ideology and how our resistance to Power on the right, is canceled out by enriching the powerful from the left. By choosing a “rebellious alternative” of being a Democrat we think we are escaping the system, only to end up as the left leg of the tripod as opposed to the right, remaining a crucial leg of support in our corrupt system. Our woke escape is the same prison, just with different guards. It comes with an extra benefit, once we think we have escaped and become enlightened, we give up on ever trying to improve ourselves or our system. Because “I’m not part of the problem, I drink Starbucks and made a BLM post on my Facebook the other day.” Once we have reached this position, we have been effectively sidelined. And who can blame these people, young people are constantly reading about the imminent destruction of their planet, corporations breaking the law with no punishment, child sex trafficing, Donald Trump ruining America permanently and a million other world ending horrors on any given social media session. Humans have never had this much on their conscience, and we are not evolved to handle all the horrible news of the whole species. 

Once our minds are filled to the absolute brim with negative story after negative story, we become delirious. In the midst of the chaos, we start to lose our ability to think clearly. Think about the Bush era, his mistakes that outraged us came at a digestible rate, we knew exactly what we were angry about. Now there are so many stories of Trump doing irreparable damage that when you ask any two members of “the resistance” what they are fighting for, you’d never hear the same answer twice, and it would change daily. The result is that we have never been more splintered and divided rendering us completely unable to politically defend ourselves against Trump. We’ve got the most soldiers and the highest moral, yet the worst army in history. The Democratic party has no mission and no objective. The fact that Hillary Clinton and Joe Biden run the party of FDR shows that the party in itself is a hollow object. It carries no values or principles, it is merely a tool of those seeking power in blue states. With record corporate fundraising, lower personal taxes, and Rachel Maddow viewership through the roof, it’s hard to imagine the rich Democrats really even dislike Trump. Their game has never been easier. 

On the left we love to use the term scapegoat, it brings with it a facist-hitler vibe that we love to throw around at Trump and his supporters. Ex- He is using vulnerable immigrants as scapegoats to close down the border! The Trump as a dictator claim never leveled with us, he is pretty lazy when it comes to the desire to govern and he is obsessed with being popular. This brings an import point up, Trump struggled to lead the Republicans in congress and really govern. So why did the Dems never get a second stimulus deal done? They didn’t have too, Donald Trump is himself the scapegoat of the Democrats. See, Trump allowed the corporate Dems to have their dream scenario, they would all keep enriching themselves with DC connections and his tax break, all the while never needing to have any plan or any policy/legislative agenda. So long as Trump is there to blame you never have to answer for your own activity or behavior, why would you, you’re against Trump so no matter what you’re doing it isn’t as bad as him. This hides the ultimate truth- they are exactly like Trump in the most important ways, they’re filthy rich. If the news can stay focused on Trump’s rude behavior, it will ignore the fact that he pulled back the curtain for all to see the life and corruption of the ultra wealthy like Trump and Pelosi. This is great cover for the Democrats as they try to banish Bernie Sanders into oblivion and kill his message of income inequality. 

This so-called tripod that we all are a part of is here to prop up the ultra wealthy. They take the lion’s share of the pie, even though they use us as employee’s and as customers. This is why our breakout freedom of becoming Democrats is just a better ideological prison, it’s imprisonment so total we don’t know where locked up. See we just became the leg that props up the ultra wealthy who lean culturally left. The most damning trend for Democrats is that they are becoming the party of the rich and successful, openly trading workers for woke-white suburbanites. As of now it looks like Donald Trump won a higher share of Black and Latino voters than any Republican since the voting rights act was passed. See while we were being bombarded with anti-Trump info that clogged our brains, we let the corporate Dems crush candidates that would have flipped the Senate, all the while being distracted from the mass exodus of Latinos, Blacks, and rural whites. Not only did these minorities leave our party, they went to the guy that we have been convinced is a rascist, facist, homophobic, version of Hitler crossed with David Duke. 

We for one are tired of the pain of reality smashing us over the head every election when we find that corporate Dem leadership is completely full of it. In essence we are equally misled about reality as the fake-news spreading trump conspiracy-theorist that we spend all of our time attacking. Perhaps the only way to escape this corporately planned-news cycle reality is to start to unplug from time to time. Not anti-media, because that would be the same as the Dems. Even if you are anti-Trump, he is still setting your agenda. If we are anti-media and consume nothing, our behavior is still determined by them. This is the struggle with ideology, how can we begin to change the rules, norms, and cliches of our society if we are trapped in the old ways. Guard your mind, because filling it with the Dem garbage of the last 4 years led us to actions(russiagate, impeachment) that secured a Trump second term before COVID took him out politically. We might not get so lucky next time.