Where Does Someone Like Pete Buttigieg Come From?

Where I come from it’s cornbread and chicken

Where Pete comes from its crooked politicians

Where Pete comes from lotta billionaire lapsittin

Yes, we know it is late in the game to write a hit piece on Mayor Pete, but his past employer McKinsey has resurfaced recently after it was revealed that Mckinsey sold Purdue pharma a plan to skyrocket the sales of oxycontin. Yep, the company Pete clung to and defended, and even claimed “Most Americans work in the private sector. And I think the experience I got there served me well. If you’re going to manage the largest economy in the world, it’s probably a good idea that you’ve had a little bit of professional experience looking at a balance sheet or knowing what an income statement is.” And like they say on Rising, if someone tells you who they are, you should believe them. Let’s take a look at Pete’s history as a complete corporate sell out and complete fairweather politician. Don’t forget this is the same kid that wrote an award winning paper for a college scholarship about how amazing and inspiring Bernie Sanders was. 

While there is no shortage of Corporate sell out Dems, Pete is the quintessential, perfectly encapsulating, phony snake of a sellout. To be frank the only reason we are ok with writing a negative piece is because Pete will likely be the #1 adversary to the Bernie/Turner wing of the party moving forward. If we are not labeling and recording this guy’s moves, he will be the next Biden, becoming President after flip flopping his way through Washington for years seeking power. Pete’s brand of being the artificial midwestern white-gay Obama, was honestly just complete cynicism, they guy has abandoned every cause that can help working people since coming into power and become known as having phenomenal relations with donors. He has flip flopped so much it is really difficult to find a starting point to his corruption. 

Lets begin with Pete’s love of Bernie Sanders, yes that’s right, when Pete first took interest in politics he was feeling the Bern! Here is the link to the full paper here. To be honest it is really sad to see a completely corrupt adult at one time say things like “This disturbing trend reveals cynicism, a double-sided problem, which is perhaps, the greatest threat to the continued success of the American political system.

Cynical candidates have developed an ability to outgrow their convictions in order to win power.” “ It also calls into question what motivates a run for office – in many cases, apparently, only the desire to occupy it.”

Of course Pete chalks this up to being an immature kid. It is sad to know at one time he was dramatically opposed to the very type of politician he has become. It nearly begs the question, did he ever have good intentions or did he become entirely corrupted working at McKinsey? After Bernie was clearly in the lead after Nevada, this is what Pete had to say about him saying his campaign was a “revolution with a tenor of combat, division and polarization.”“Senator Sanders believes in an inflexible ideological revolution that leaves out most Democrats, not to mention most Americans,” 

This is the same guy who was singing Bernie’s praises saying  

“Candidates have discovered that it is easier to be elected by not offending anyone rather than by impressing the voters. Politicians are rushing for the center, careful not to stick their necks out on issues. Most Democrats shy away from the word “liberal” like a horrid accusation.” 

He literally goes on to praise Sanders courage for calling himself a socialist-

“Sanders’ courage is evident in the first word he uses to describe himself: “Socialist”….. Here is someone who has “looked into his own soul” and expressed an ideology, the endorsement of which, in today’s political atmosphere, is analogous to a self-inflicted gunshot wound.”

We could literally start a Pete vs Pete twitter where he is arguing both sides of every position on record. He literally hasn’t held a position in Washington and already has a worse record of flip flopping than Biden or Kamala who have been there for years. We are actively lobbying websters to put Pete’s picture beside the word cynical. There is no one with a more cynical personally enriching story. From his very mouth we know he has changed views on everything that he once cared about. For TAR, that is enough for disqualification. However we are just scratching the surface on Mayor Cheat.

Let’s get into McKinsey, the experience that Pete claimed to be crucial to his ability to run the country. Funny your experience on extracting the absolute highest amount of profit from customers buying groceries is how you want to run the country. So who is McKinsey? We will do a complete deep dive into their other work, but for now let’s focus on their instrumental work in perpetuating the opioid crisis. You’ve likely heard of Purdue Pharma, they are the distributors of Oxy-Contin and the creators of the opioid epidemic. Well we can’t give them to much credit, McKinsey was the company that came up with the plan in 2007 to skyrocket sales and distribution. Yep, while Pete was there this company was architecting a plan to not only help boost sales but also how these companies can fight the public relations nightmare from willingly killing thousands of people. There is no sense in shying away from calling these people what they are, murderers. McKinsey was the company that wrote the game plan to give doctors kickbacks for distribution, they also wrote a policy to reimburse CVS for each of the predicted overdose deaths, a total to the tune of $37 million dollars. The most shocking part, they created this plan in 2007, Purdue was already under investigation, it was known how dangerous these substances were at this point. That didn’t stop them, to McKinsey that was an opportunity. They could collect fees for consulting Purdue on how to handle the government pressure and still boost sales through kickbacks and chemical addiction. 

If Bernie was here to make sure working people got the resources and care they need, you could say Pete was here to ensure the water was always muddied and working people never fully got what they needed. See Democrats like Pete are almost like forgein implants. They are on “our team” as regular americans but they are sponsored and placed by Billionaires who are not on our team. See Pete served to completely muddy the waters on Medicare for All and Tuition Free College. If we buy into this idea that Bernie’s dialogue alone opened the Overton Window, and made people more open to his ideas, then by the same logic people like Pete are combatting that shift and keeping it center right. See Pete gives a liberal policy but ultimately sows seeds of doubt about changes we desperately need. Take his healthcare plan, Medicare for those who want it. Essentially he checked the liberal box of saying people would no longer die in the streets, but he would not go near his donor friends in the insurance industry, they could keep ripping off the American people. No elimination of private insurance. And we are not talking about the extensive insurance policies of the wealthy, we are talking about the health insurance you have today, if you are lucky enough to have insurance. Even those covered by employers hate their insurance plans. This is where the skilled Corporate Dems thread the needle, they give a vague plan that appeases liberal voters who won’t research, while keeping them vague enough that they are never actually doing anything that could negatively impact donors. Pete was actively using Republican think tank talking points in an attempt to discredit Bernie and M4A.

Again look at Pete’s college plan, free college for everyone making less than $100,000/year. It is hard to actually explain how shitty it was of Pete to drop these little thoughts that aren’t good ideas but create massive traps for anyone seeking to make college free. Now we will have legions of people armed with the excuse, “Oh so we are going to pay for rich peoples college!?”. See Pete, while trying to taint an idea he would never have acted on, wanted to have a Bernie moment and please his donors. It made him look like Bernie to go against the wealthy, right? For more detail check out our post on tuition free college for all. If you know history, you know when FDR passed social security people lobbied to not give it to the ultra wealthy. While there seems to be merit there on the surface, FDR and his administration knew that any program passed must include all Americans if it is to survive. How many times have the wealthy like the Koch brothers and Joe Biden tried to destroy social security? Countless times, now imagine if they didn’t receive their money back from the program and only poor people got it? Social Security would have been destroyed in Washington with the passing of FDR. 

If we stand any chance moving forward, we must politically destroy the arguments of people like Pete, because he is spending every waking hour working to destroy us.

What Can We Do?

After the fall of Bernie on Super Tuesday, so many of us looked around for answers, feeling completely hopeless. The more time spent volunteering and phonebanking the more devastating the blow. See, after Bernie barely lost to Hillary, we had a different regret in that the first time so many of us did not believe and got on board soon enough to put Bernie over the top. It felt like Bernie really would have won if more people would have gotten active sooner, the fundraising juggernaut was a month to slow. Despite all the dirty tricks of the DNC and DWS, we didn’t blame Hillary as hard, or at least we got over it quickly. In 2020 we saw our person taken out in an orchestrated manor, in an attack more unified than perhaps ever seen in Washington. Seeing the fourth place candidate run a horrible campaign then be hand placed in first by the past President and the media left Bernie nation permanently wounded. Here we are again with a corporate sell out of an administration, so what can we do? Do we forget everything we care about and join Biden’s team of sellouts for table scraps on the environment? Do we risk becoming the hypocrites the right accuses us of by swearing off corporate donations, then being ok with it when it is our preferred flavor? 

While this isn’t an article about how they F’ed Bernie, we can never forget the tactics and scale of our opposition. As we look forward we must choose our path wisely, but most importantly we must start thinking about long term strategy and trajectory. Cleary the corporate dems who have been at war with us have a long term plan for how to weed us out. They have a classic playbook to paint the narrative, what did they all say in perfect harmony when they lost seats in the house and didn’t take the senate? “It was all these radical leftist that cost us the election!” Even though centrist lost at a much higher rate than candidates backing the Green New Deal and M4A. This is where we must improve, we must immediately counter these attacks or else the public will only hear that side of the story. And for those too deep into politics, the average person does not go research another source after hearing something from President Obama. We should have been shouting “we told you so” from the rooftops! The first major course correct that needs to be verbally acknowledged by all of us is recognizing that Nancy Pelosi and the Corporate Dems hate us more than Trump or poor rural voters. They want to destroy us completely, not just win, but destroy. If we keep marching ahead holding hands with our biggest advisory we will be dead on arrival, and we will deserve it for stupidity. 

With an incoming Democratic administration it can be at times conflicting, of course we aren’t with the Republicans, but the Corporate Dems made it perfectly clear that we are not welcome with them. However we do have popular support! Support for the agenda that helps real working Americans. Medicare for All and raising taxes on the wealthy have a majority support. Perhaps it is time to harken back to the most successful Democratic President of all time, FDR. Specifically how FDR faced a very similarly corrupt and wealthy Washington, yet used popular support to put pressure on politicians.

Did you ever indulge in the cynics’ questions to Bernie, “How will you ever pass these bills with Mitch McConnell and the republicans in the senate?”. Probably the more pressing and realistic question would be how is Bernie going to get the Corporate Dems on board when it upsets their masters? Well Bernie gave us a little taste of the FDR play book he planned to use- https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=S51uyddIiiM . See FDR knew he was the most popular politician in any given state, he also knew his agenda shared in that popularity. Whenever a politician would try to stop his legislation he would immediately call them out on all channels and threaten to start publicly campaigning against them. Only the most skilled politicians understand how to leverage popular support, while most are never popular enough to have the option. Trump and Obama squandered this to a degree that has never been seen. We can probably chalk that up to them both equally being in bed with donors. Obama had a supermajority in the senate and instead of passing medicare 4 all, gave the Republicans and business class exactly what they wanted, despite the will of the people he caved to donors. Trump had the same opportunity and floundered even more. See Trump was the most popular Republican in every state by massive margins. Why the hell did he let Senator Ron Johnson, who is underwater on his approval in his own state, tank his stimulus deal? Trump could have gone out in one tweet or rally and straightened his ass up. Imagine having a sub 40 approval rating in a swing state and still adamantly stiffing your voters, sadly we see it everyday. 

The key to this system of public pressure uses their corruption against them. See they don’t actually care about donors, they just want to be personally enriched and personally leverage donors to stay in power. This is their greatest weakness and strength in a corrupt system, they have no core ideology. If there is one thing we know about people like Mayor Pete and Elizabeth Warren(previously an avid Ragan supporter) they will change every position they have for power. Self-seeking power is the only sure bet with their type, and their type is the most common in Washington. This is the weak spot, if someone like Bernie dropped into your state to start campaigning against you and airing your previously private voting and donor record it would threaten reelection, something that would guarantee an attitude adjustment. You are kidding yourself if you don’t think Warren and Pete would have completely changed their tune on republican talking points if Bernie had won you are so gullible. They would change skin and morph back into two super Progressives who always had Bernie’s back. 

Back to the original question, what can we do now? First, we must change our mentality to long term strategic thinking. While there are more vocal Progressives in congress now than any time in the last 30 years, we are severely outnumbered, and the media is working overtime to erase us. This is perhaps our most important mission, never stop talking about Bernie Sanders and his platform. Never stop criticising the hypocrisy of accepting corporate donations, remember that Bernie raised more. Never forget the media treatment, giving Biden $100 Million in free air time, they are a permanent enemy. Never forget that the Corporate Dems hate us more than they will ever hate a Repulican. While there are not many concrete actions to take, perhaps the actions we do not take will be of the utmost importance. We must stop allowing Republicans disguised as Dems to gain our support. They have already picked their team, we are not on it, so we must stop clinging to their coat tails and letting them drag us through the mud. It is time to harness our inner tea party ferocity or be obscured into oblivion, totally forgotten.

Why Bernie Couldn’t Speak Up.

As time passes and we got to see Joe Biden get as close as possible to blowing the election entirely. His candidacy was the detriment of many Senators and Representatives, or Trump’s candidacy was their savior. Either way, Biden wasn’t even close to the Blue Wave, and we believe history will show this was the election that started a damning trend for the Democrats, they officially traded all policy to court white suburban voters. Not only did Joe abandon policy he abandoned the working class altogether for the college-educated. Seeing this complete disaster play out, we can’t help but wonder, would Bernie have flipped the senate and given us the blowout needed to delegitimize Trump? Because Joe Hidden’s low enthusiasm campaign couldn’t fully take Trump out, he will be in our face for the rest of our lives. This brings up an old campaign question, should Bernie have declared war on the media and lashed out at them for supporting their elite friend? 

It is easy to want to criticize Bernie, he’s the only one in the arena! And as the saying goes, it is easy to criticize others when you’re sitting in the bleachers. However many respectable people in the progressive left knocked Bernie for taking the abuse of the media and the corporate Democrats. They wanted him to call them all out for being hypocrites, it’s safe to say it felt like the good guy could finally get a shot to layout the bully. After so many years of the Government serving the wealthy and being so corrupt who didn’t want someone to stick it to the Andrew Cuomos of the world. Heck, we see that conservatives wanted to give Washington the middle finger so bad they would have backed anyone willing to do so. While it would have felt good for 30 seconds watching Bernie accurately tell off Jake Tapper, it wouldn’t have gone the way we think.

For those who are thinking,” well Trump went against the media and he won” let’s break that down. While Trump’s Twitter following and media strategy were successful, read more about it here, let’s focus on the damage the media did to him. In 2016 Trump was able to best the media. Even though he won, the media was able to cripple him in so many ways. They did successfully frame him as a rude and an idiot to the suburban white people that gave Joe the election. After Trump shocked them, thanks to his Twitter following(which dwarfed all media channels combined), the media adjusted their gameplan. Their strategy evolved and they found their calling card. It wasn’t in persuading voters, it was in completely silencing those they didn’t like. They didn’t need to convince voters to choose Joe Biden, they just had to cover the race like he was the only one running. This is the game Trump bested them at, ‘news media’ is just a marketing channel. And just like marketing the more a name or face is repeated the more it sinks in. In 2016 Trump garnered Billions in free advertising from CNN and MSNBC, they couldn’t quit talking about him. This is the first big reason why Bernie didn’t have the option to go nuclear on an interview with Anderson Cooper, he would have been exiled immediately, with them cutting reruns of the moment to make Bernie look insane. That is the price Trump paid, they replayed his gaffes until it drove suburban whites right out of the party. Just pause for a moment and think of all the humiliating offensive things Joe Biden has said on the campaign trail, the corn pop scenario comes to mind, or the let your kids listen to records moment, if that had been Bernie or Trump it would have played on every station on repeat, yet the media never mentions it. 

Had Bernie teed off on MSNBC he would have been smeared into oblivion. Think about it, they so rarely even let him on the air, if he would have lost his temper they would have spent every waking hour declaring they were right, Bernie was crazy. I can just hear it now, Bernie is a crazy sexist that attacked a woman live on air, just as we suspected his a sexist maniac. Think about the fact that Bernie has lived a spotless life, no dark secrets or dirty deeds like all other politicians. Yet despite the fact that he has believed the same positions on record his whole life, they still spent more time smearing him over saying Cuban literacy rates were impressive(highest in the world). Hold those smears in your mind as we think about all of the past life issues of other candidates that were never mentioned- Elizabeth Warren was a conservative her whole life, Joe Biden saying he didn’t want to send his kids to school with black children in a “race jungle”, Pete Buttigieg going from a Bernie fanboy to a corporate straw-man. The list goes for days, but we will never hear these stories on CNN or MSNBC. Sadly if you want to know the truth about the Corporate Dems, Fox News is more likely to tell you the truth. All of these stories were there, yet we never heard them. This again highlights the fact that the media’s true power lies not in persuasion(because they are more hated than Mitch McConnell) but in omission. They are the information gate-keepers of the world, if they don’t cover it, it doesn’t exist. This is how they are slowly trying to remove Bernie Sanders and his platform from our collective consciousness. Let’s not forget for the last few years Bernie has been the most popular senator in the country, and you will never see his face on CNN or MSNBC. 

The thing often overlooked about Bernie is his chess grandmaster-like ability to win and push ahead despite every one of power declaring war on him. Remember how badass it was when he put so much pressure on Bezos that he raised the company minimum wage to $15/hour. Talk about making it happen! We really believe that Bernie had a very well thought out philosophy on how to conduct himself, as well as the knowledge of how the media would treat him. You can watch clips for days of Bernie talking about the corruption of the media and how they are negatively impacting us. This is the final point as to why Bernie did pull a Trump, his reputation will stand through history. See Trump went to war, and he had a heavy price to pay. There are already talks of historically “canceling” everyone who worked with him. There are already movies coming out to bash Trump, they will tell him story till the end of time just to try and humiliate his name and legacy. See if Bernie would have declared war, he would become a laughing stock of high brow corporate Dems. His reputation would have been painted by the media as the maniac we always told you he was. We would hear quips and jokes at his expense, and he would live in our minds as a joke instead of the thought leader of America. 

One of Bernies great moves is that we all respect him more than his adversaries and infinitely more than the media. He walked the tight rope campaigning for 6 years and maintained respect decency and honesty despite naysayers trying to knock him down the whole time. In honor of Bernie’s hard work let’s vow to never forget his fight, but most importantly never forget who our true enemies are. They came after our boy, let’s have his back for once. Turn off CNN! Turn off MSNBC!

Justice Piñata

Since 2016 it has felt like a nothing but defeat after brutal defeat for the Progressive left. It can be hard to lift your chin up, especially after we saw the Democratic establishment rip a victory away from Bernie for the second time. Yet there are things to be excited about – We had a real contender fighting for the people in the presidential race, voters below 45 are overwhelmingly in support of Bernie’s agenda, Gen Z is the least racist group of Americans in history. 

If there is any lesson we need to heed it is that of overused strengths-

“Overused strengths become weaknesses.” 

That might sound silly, how could being totally against racism ever be a bad thing? In the hands of the media and corporate Democrats nothing is sacred. When a mass of people have genuine motivations and beliefs that they believe so intensely they would take action on them, people in power zero in on it. The last thing Nancy Pelosi wants is this massive group to organize for economic rights, or anything that would cramp their style, or life-style. 

So what would the Dems in power want to see? A movement of chaos that focuses it’s hatred on Republicans and causes that have no clear legislative agenda. They champion cancel culture just as Republicans use Christianity. “ If you are with the Republicans, you are for rapist and chauvinist pigs!” vs. “If you are a Christian you can’t support the Dems because that is you condoning baby murder!” 

Pretty insane right? These are logical fallacies. We should think more of our citizens and neighbors than to think they pull the voting lever saying “ boy I’m so glad male dominance and inappropriate behavior are going to lead this country!” So where does this connect? It is easier for corporate dems to back cultural issues that have no legislative agenda than to ever support a bill that favors workers over their corporate donors. They have the easiest group to distract- we really do want justice worse than any recent generation. They have the ultimate landscape to do so – Social media. They have the ultimate straw man to distract us from what we really want and need – Donald Trump. My god how many times have we knelt to power and made concessions to corporate dems because trump was looming in the background? 

Because we are so primed up for justice, we run into traps and waste effort constantly. This is where the idea of a justice piñata comes in- essentially we all have our sticks ready to fight, we hop on Facebook and BAM a story of injustice with Trumpers is in our face, Justice Piñata. Spoiler alert, these are always No Legislation-Attached issues, completely hollow. Yet, we are swinging our hearts out on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, striking our neighbors in wild blows. Even though it is pretty apparent if you can step back and take off the blind fold, you are not doing a literal thing playing activist online. Every zinger divides the country further, and solidifies the Trump vote further. We keep swinging, similar to the potential Biden administration, we have no idea if the piñata is entirely hollow, yet we tell ourselves our favorite candy might be in there! Biden might pass the Green New Deal! Surely a Dem will end this police brutality? Surely he will be better than Trump? 

We are a special generation- we all carry a big stick! Remember to use the responsibility wisely. If you share enemies with someone, make them a friend. Don’t swing on working class conservative voters, just like us, they are being completely misled by their corporate run party, and the corporate Dems seek to actively destroy and silence them. We will never build bridges silencing or dismissing people who hold views that we judge as wrong. Even if someone is racist, they will only dig in until someone sees them as a human and helps them get free of that poisonous mentality. Remember, that mind set is toxic for them and affects their life as well. We are taking the exact opposite route of Nelson Mandela- he knew you couldn’t throw every employee of the racist white administration in jail, even if they were racist, because they were victims of the same system. Had he done so, the country would have done an immediate reversal and had the African majority dominating and mistreating the white population that treated them horribly. While they would have completely deserved it, Mandela knew the individuals of the nation were separate and not responsible for the system that was forced upon them. By extending a bridge to his white counterparts, he brought on a peace that no one ever expected, ending apartheid. 

Consider this final thought – Trump voters are just as scared and worried for the future as you are. Hitting fellow Americans over the head will not lead to justice or legislation. This is an empty piñata.