The Fight is On

It’s The People vs. The Power! Who’s side are you on? Check the score on how the people are doing in the political arena, take your small business to the next level, and bring satisfaction to your daily American Life.

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Need to Heed #3

Washington DC can drive corruption into any man’s heart it seems. As lobbying efforts grow more complex it can become impossible to determine where candidates really stand. However, even when candidates like President-Elect Joe Biden have sworn to cut social security in the past and has told lobbyists that fundamentally, “nothing would change.”

Need to Heed #2

Have you ever been in a heated discussion where neither side is listening? Both sides think up their next talking point as the other is speaking. Chris Voss, the FBI’s top hostage negotiator, calls this the dueling schizophrenics, both parties speaking to themselves in their own heads, without listening.

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